Beginner’s Guide To Two Wheeler Insurance – Five Point Guide


Owning your first two-wheeler can be a wonderful experience. But, there is something important you must keep in mind – third party bike insurance. It is compulsory according to the law. Also don’t forget to ask about the bike insurance renewal process before purchasing it. Along with the third-party insurance, people you also need to look for a comprehensive bike insurance.

The strategy to challenge such scenarios may be to conduct research, ask questions, and compare motorbike insurance prices. Nobody can pressure you to buy the first quote you come across. 

Give it some time. You would understand the two wheeler insurance online rates and find companies willing to insure your bike precisely.

Get the appropriate amount of coverage

When you’re out on the ride, it’s essential to be safe because you never know what may happen. There are several factors that might be within your power to influence. In case of any casualties that leaves you or a third party injured, having insurance may be able to help you overcome any financial difficulties that may arise.*

Know what additional protection you could require

Additional coverage would be required in addition to your base coverage. A wide range of coverage, such as a zero depreciation cover, ensures that you are not responsible for depreciation charges at the time of a claim.*

Choose a comprehensive insurance package that includes coverage for not just third party bike insurance liability but also damages resulting from casualties with the bike and losses from both natural and man-made disasters.

What kind of protection do I require?

Choose a comprehensive two wheeler insurance online policy that covers not only third-party liability but also the damages.

What would the deductible be?

  • Would components and accessories be covered? What about protective clothing?
  • Does my co-rider require personal casualty insurance?
  • Is there RSA (roadside assistance) coverage available?
  • What savings would I get?

In case of any unfortunate casualty, you may need to contact your insurer by phone or mail to start the claims procedure. You will need to send in the claim form and other paperwork, such as your driver’s license, a police report if your bike was stolen, and an estimate of the total cost for the damage fix. You will receive adequate compensation from your insurer following a surveyor’s damage evaluation.*

Use third party bike insurance online to compare coverage and premium prices if you need help choosing an insurance plan for your bike. You will avoid a lot of future hassles and find long-term value in learning the terms related to auto insurance.*

Claims to file for the following scenarios –

  1. You slide, severely damaging the motorcycle.
  2. You swerved to escape any casualty and were hurt when you fell.
  3. Your bike was damaged, and so was your GPS
  4. There are various similar circumstances that could occur and result in bike damage or unintentional casualties

Having the finest motorcycle insurance entails more than just receiving quality protection at a reasonable cost. Receiving prompt and effective post-sales and claim-settlement services from the insurance are other key requirements.

* Standard T&C Apply

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.‘