Different Uses for AG10 Batteries in Your Home


What better way to keep up with household electronics than to use AG10 batteries? AG10 batteries have become increasingly popular in recent years for their ability to provide long-lasting power without frequent replacements. So if you are looking for ways to save money on your energy bills or just need a reliable energy source for your home’s electronics, then you should consider investing in some AG10 batteries. 

What Exactly Are AG10 Batteries?

AG10 batteries are a type of button cell battery with a diameter of 11.6mm. This battery typically has an output voltage of 1.5 volts and is used in many common household items such as remote controls, watches, calculators, and more. AG10 batteries are also referred to as LR54 or LR1130, depending on the manufacturer and the part number. 

Advantages of Using AG10 Batteries 

AG10 batteries offer long-lasting power. Unlike other types of batteries, which need to be replaced often, AG10 batteries can last up to a year before they need to be changed. This means you don’t have to worry about replacing them as often, saving you both time and money in the long run. 

Additionally, AG10 batteries are very affordable, and you can usually find them in bulk from wholesale suppliers at an even lower price. 

Another advantage of using AG10 batteries is their versatility. As mentioned before, this battery is used in many electronic devices such as calculators, clocks, remotes, and more. This means you can switch out your old alkaline or zinc-carbon battery with an AG10 battery if it no longer provides the needed power. 

Different Uses for AG10 Batteries Around Your Home 

Now that you know more about AG10 batteries, let’s look at how these small batteries can be used around your home. 

  • Remote Controls: Most remotes require small amounts of energy, so an AG10 battery can often last for months before needing to be replaced. Check what type of battery your remote requires before purchasing an AG10 battery, as the terminals may not match up correctly. 
  • Watches: If your watch runs on a small LR54 or LR1130, then an AG10 battery will work perfectly as a replacement. Since this type of battery is small and lightweight, it fits easily inside a watch’s battery compartment without any issues. It also provides enough power to keep your watch running accurately for long periods without needing frequent replacements. 
  • Music Players: An AG10 battery can provide enough power to keep them running all day long without needing replacements or recharging. Just check what type of battery your device requires before purchasing an AG10 battery, as not all music players require the same size and style. 
  • Calculators: An AG10 battery is an excellent choice as it provides enough energy to power your calculator without running out quickly.  Additionally, when buying an AG10 battery for your calculator, ensure you buy the correct size so it fits appropriately in the calculator’s compartment without any issues.  

Where Can You Buy Wholesale Supplies Of AG10 Batteries? 

Many online wholesale suppliers offer AG10 Battery products at wholesale prices. Most of these wholesale suppliers also provide free shipping on orders over $50, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra delivery fees when purchasing your batteries in bulk. In addition to online retailers, you can also visit local electronics stores or supermarkets where they may have some quantity discounts available on different types of batteries, including the AG10 variety.  


AG10 batteries are great for powering many electronic devices, including remotes, watches, music players and calculators. This battery is also very durable, which means it will last much longer than traditional alkaline or zinc-carbon batteries without frequent replacements. These batteries are also very affordable and can usually be purchased from online retailers or local electronics stores at wholesale prices if needed.