How to Clean Bird Droppings off Your Windshield Without Scratching It


If you park your car outside, especially under a tree, bird droppings are one of the biggest worries. The bird droppings are stubborn and tend to stick to the windshield. If one does not clean bird droppings off your windshield, they will remain on the surface, scratching it and even leaving stains. It can interfere with the driver’s vision. 

Since bird droppings are beyond the control of humans, we can take protective measures apart from the remedial ones. The protective measures include keeping the car cover on the car. It is essential to use the correct methods of cleaning as well. One cannot use too much force as it will leave marks and swirls to clean bird droppings off your windshield.

One can invest in luxury car accessories for proper prevention and remedies. Such accessories ensure adequate cleaning and also make the windshield shine. Luxury car accessories like car wax, pressure washers, and cleaners provide a clean car windshield.

Besides the cleaners, the driver also needs the first line of defence for the windshields. Investing in car accessories like a car wiper is necessary. The wiper wipes away the water and even bird droppings with a spray and clears the area. The immediate wiping ensures there is no stain.

Tips to Clean Bird Droppings off Your Windshield

When you must clean bird droppings off your windshield, consider a few factors. The cleaning process removes the stains and the smell and ensures that it does not affect the driver’s visibility. Here are some tips for cleaning the bird droppings.

#1 Use Clean and Warm Water for Windshield Rinsing 

The bird droppings tend to dry up quickly. You can loosen it up with water. After rinsing the droppings off, ensure no water droplets on the windshield. Carefully absorb all the remaining water on the surface with a microfiber cloth to prevent water spots. 

Use a bucket of warm water to clean bird droppings off your windshield, and a sponge cleans off the dirt. Wipe the surface later with a soft microfiber cloth. 

#2 Use Microfiber Cloth 

Use a microfiber cloth with side-to-side motions. The cloth picks up the dirt and keeps the surface clean. The cloth’s fibres do not come loose and stick to the windshield. They also do not leave any watermarks or streaks. 

Do Nots of Cleaning the Windshield 

  • Do Not Use Sponges and Towels

Using a sponge to clean bird droppings off your windshield is not a good idea. The sponges are not that soft. The regular sponges do not have the materials that help in cleaning. Always use microfiber cloths. The clothes are soft and will not scratch the surface.

  • Do Not Use Windshield  Wipers

One often uses windshield wipers to clean the glass. Therefore, they must regularly clean the wipers. If the wiper has droppings and dirt, it will move around the glass and scratch it. When bird droppings are on the windshield, cleaning it with a microfiber cloth is better. 

Do Not Scratch the Dried Waste on the Surface

Bird droppings harden on the car paint. They are hard to remove. Some may try to scratch it. However, it is best if you do not. It can lead to damage. Use the following methods to clean bird droppings off your windshield using the soap-soaked microfiber cloth. 

Soak the place in the cleaning solution and let it sit for 15 minutes. The cleaner will saturate the droppings. Next, one can easily wipe off the dirt from the surface. You can visit a car body repair shop if the stains are too stubborn. 

How to Remove Bird Poop Stains with Car Detailing Products?

Apart from the correct methods, you also need the right products to ensure thorough cleaning. Cleaning does not have to mean that the surface suffers from scratches. One can avoid so by using premium and professional-grade products from auto detailing websites. 

  • Club Soda: This carbonated rink can break down the stains on the surface in just a couple of minutes. The club soda loosens up the bird poop. Let it sit on the dirt for at least 5 minutes. Then wipe it away with a microfiber cloth. 
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is a common ingredient in the kitchen. It also doubles up as a car cleaning agent. The bicarbonate component in the baking soda breaks down the stain. One can make their baking soda solution. Apply to the stains with a few tablespoons and a drop of dish soap. Allow it to sit, and clean it off. 

They can use the cleaning products to clean bird droppings off your windshield. Using the car care products from ensures a clean car windshield for clear vision.