Tech Secrets – Five Things They Don’t Want You to Know

Tech Secrets - Five Things They Don't Want You to Know
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Yes, the tech secrets are finally out there in the market – but ‘they’ don’t want you to know about it.

Just in case you are wondering, ‘who are they?’ Let us make it clear for you. It could be anyone from your product manufacturers’ list, various search engines like Google, Bing, or even the IT experts at your workplace. You never know!

But what’s the hidden secret that they don’t want to reveal? Well, let’s find out. In this article, we are about to share the top five secrets that IT experts would never want to tell you. It can be related to anything from your cellphone and computer to other tech tools like your Wi-Fi routers and AirPods, etc.

Below are our top picks from the list. Let’s take a look!

Cellphones Do Not Crash Airplanes

We all know that flight passengers are always asked to switch off their cellphones before takeoff. The Federal Aviation Administration remains concerned that the signals emitted by various cellphones using an 800MHz spectrum might intervene with the overall navigation controls of the airplane, especially when it comes to GPS instrumentation.

However, up until now, there hasn’t been even a single official case of a plane crash or even a small malfunction that occurred due to cellphone usage during flight. Basically, the main reason they want you to avoid cellphones while takeoff is that your on-flight network signals might disrupt the ground cellphones’ connectivity and create disturbance in their data usage.

According to FCC, when an airplane passes by a cellular tower, the tower automatically detects the passengers’ cellphone signals inside the plane. As a result, the ground cellphones’ connectivity gets interrupted and their network performance gets hurt.

If you wish to know more about ‘how’ cellular signals intervene with other networks, please feel free to conduct detailed research on the internet. You might want to reach out to your favorite tech websites to get a detailed overview of signal intervention during flights, and its disadvantages.

But before that, please ensure that you are connected to a reliable, and high-coverage internet connection like CenturyLink internet so that your websites do not keep lagging in between.

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Medical Implants Can Be Easily Hacked

As per a medical survey conducted by researchers at the University of Washington, the medical implants that rely on wireless technologies have a greater chance to become hacked, as their system settings and adjustments are not secure.

During the survey, the researchers took laboratory tests too in which scientists from the Harvard Medical School and the University of Massachusetts Amherst we able to practically hack a cardiac defibrillator and use it to induce some other medical effects, like lethal conditions. What’s even more interesting was that they could also access the sensitive medical details saved on the device, and alter it as per their choice.

According to the study coauthor, Tadayoshi Kohno, the research team could also use similar techniques to hack other medical wireless-tools/gadgets as well in the hospital, like neuro-stimulators or drug dispensers, etc.

‘Incognito’ Browsing Isn’t Really Private

One of the most fun things on the internet these days is using the incognito mode whenever we feel like it. Private browsing has made it pretty easy for us to search for the answers to all those ’embarrassing’ questions that we are too afraid to ask in public. It enables us to easily browse and stream our favorite type of content without leaving footprints for anyone.

But, wait… is incognito browsing really private? Or is it just some way to remove browsing history from your search engines, so that you don’t get ‘caught’? Well, let’s find out.

According to tech experts, the only job incognito browser is good at is ‘not recording’ the sites you have visited on the incognito mode. For example, it does not save any of your search terms, web addresses, or even cookies that you have accepted during your private browsing session.

The most important thing that you need to remember while browsing is that your IP address is ‘always’ visible to law enforcement agencies, divorce lawyers, or even other third parties that have the legal permission to monitor you (for specific reasons, of course).

Therefore, your surfing history can always be seen by other people except you too. While your spouse might not know what you have been searching for on your phone all day, you can surely expect the legal enforcements to know your feeds.

The Extra Expense of Printer Ink

If we ever had a billion-dollar company built around ‘scare’ and ‘false’ tactics, then it could surely be of supplying inkjet printers.

If you are a frequent printer user, then you might have heard those repetitive warnings from your supplier about not using a refilled or refurbished cartridge. they always tell you that you are voiding your printer warranty, and also that you might put your device at risk if you use this ink. However, that’s not the truth.

According to the CEO of InkTec Zone, Bill McKenny, “You won’t void the warranty and you won’t hurt your printer. A bad refill job may leak ink inside your machine. Otherwise, you’ll be fine. And the savings are so significant, there’s almost no reason not to do it.”

Your Facebook Account Is Spying On You

When you sign up for a Facebook account, the app asks you for all your personal information like your full name, date of birth, religion, and profile picture, etc. According to Facebook’s official policy, one needs to provide all this information in order to get their account processed, otherwise, it cannot be registered.

Although Facebook has a complete set of official guidelines that emphasize maintaining account privacy, still, unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t require its apps to have an inappropriate privacy policy. For example, Farmville’s privacy guidelines literally appear to be written by ten-year-olds. They offer almost no security to your Facebook account. Therefore, there’s a high chance anybody can access your account information like profile picture, friends list, fan pages, and even location, etc.

So, the next time you think about taking that ‘Who Loves Me’ quiz, just think twice before publishing the results.

The Bottom-line

Although the internet is full of amazing hacks and tips that tech experts don’t want us to know, here we have come up with our top picks. If you wish to know more tech secrets, then don’t forget to browse through some reliable IT websites on the internet. Or, you can simply read related blogs or articles on the internet.

However, before you begin your research, just make sure that you are connected to a robust, high-speed internet connection like CenturyLink internet so that you can enjoy stable signals while browsing. If you wish to order a new internet connection for yourself, simply call at CenturyLink customer service helpline and connect with their customer services agent.