Tint or Not to Tint: Navigating Window Tint Laws in LA for 2023


Los Angeles’ automobile window tint law, effective in 2023, requires a strip of tint on the top 4 or 5 inches of the front windshield and front side windows to allow at least 70% light penetration. These regulations apply to all types of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks, and can result in fines and removal of illegal tint. This blog article will guide you through the essentials of legal window tints in Los Angeles.  Let’s find out.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding LA’s Window Tint Regulations

Los Angeles automobile tint laws have been updated in 2023 to clarify the legality of window tint, the darkest tint, and medical exemptions. The changes aim to prevent drivers from receiving window tint tickets from California cops, addressing common questions about the legal window tint and the darkest tint.

Tinted Window Shade Levels

California’s 2023 window tint laws dictate the percentage of window tint darkness and reflection allowed in automobiles. The Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percentage measures the amount of light that passes through the window and the tint film. The front windshield and front side windows must have a 70% VLT. The tint on the rear and back side windows is not restricted, but dual side mirrors are required for tinted rear windows. Red, amber, and blue are not allowed.

Reflection and Color Options for Tinted Windows

LA’s vehicle code prohibits the use of tinting film on vehicles to reduce glare and heat. The current version of the window tint law prohibits any color-altering film on any automobile window, including red, blue, and amber tint film, and only allows standard window reflection. This change is in compliance with the state’s vehicle code.

Medical Exemptions

Los Angeles now allows drivers to apply for medical exemptions to tinting film regulations, allowing certain individuals to use tint and other sunscreen devices on their front windows. However, these devices are illegal at night. The changes require clear, colorless, and transparent tint material for those with medical conditions requiring UV ray shielding.

Window Tint Exemption Application

Automobile owners can obtain a doctor’s note from a licensed dermatologist, optometrist, physician, or surgeon stating they need window tint to shield them from the sun due to a serious medical condition. They submit this document along with their window tint exemption application to the Department of Motor Vehicles, allowing them to use additional window tints. This change applies to 2023 laws.

What the Window Tinting Law Restricts

In Los Angeles, California Vehicle Code 26708 prohibits car owners and drivers from placing objects on windshield, side, or rear windows that obstruct the driver’s view. The law strictly enforces this, prohibiting stickers and decorations on front side windows. Torn, bubbled, or worn window tint film must be repaired or removed.

Consequences of Violating Tinting Regulations

Should a driver be stopped for failing to comply with tint law, a number of things can happen at the police officer’s discretion. Officers often issue a ‘fix-it ticket’ to first-time offenders. This is a warning that tells the driver why the vehicle is not in compliance with the tint law and orders them to have the problem addressed immediately. A second violation can result in a $25 fine and being ordered to remove the window tint. The third time drivers are stopped for violating the window tint law, they can be charged with an infraction and fined $197.

The Bottom Line

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