7 Things You Can Do To Treat Your Employees Well

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Companies spend a lot of their time and resources into hiring employees but don’t spend enough retaining them. If companies don’t treat their employees well and don’t make an effort to make them stay, their employees are likely to lose interest in the company and stop putting in their best possible efforts. 

Job security goes without saying. Make sure you get an employer defense attorney for yourself because no matter how good you are, you won’t always receive the same behavior in return. 

but ensure your employees don’t go unemployed under your watch. While paying them competitive salaries and offering basic perks is a no-brainer, a lot more entails keeping your employees happy and making them feel appreciated. 

Listed below are seven things you can do as a manager to treat your employees well and retain them:

1. Appreciating Them More Often

While this goes without saying, managers should appreciate their employees on a regular basis. When you feel like your employees have done a good job and put in effort, you should appreciate them to make sure they know their work is valued. This sense of being celebrated would make them work with even more vigor, zeal and passion in the future.

2. Organize Monthly Activities

As a manager you should make sure your employees enjoy themselves in the workplace – when they think of their office, they should think of synergy and enthusiasm rather than think about burnout and workload. Hence, you should make sure you include activities such as movie night, game night, in-office breakfast, etc. within the office premises or BBQs and lunches outside the office. This allows employees to  interact with each other and let some steam out. 

3. Have a Monthly Pet Day

A monthly pet day is basically a day when all employees can bring their pets to work. There is absolutely no person who doesn’t love pets and if any of your employees don’t have any major allergies, you should hold at least one pet day on a monthly basis. This instills a feeling of belongingness in your employees towards their work environment and is a great way of allowing them to interact with each other.

4. Allow Them to Work from Home

Sometimes your employees may want to work from home for various reasons – this could be because of a child they need to babysit, other responsibilities they have to fulfill or simply because they feel like it. You should make work for your employees as simple and flexible as it  possibly can be, and allow them to work from home for at least one day in a week. Remote work coupled with office work actually makes your employees much more productive and efficient. As an employer, you should support them even during WFH. During work from home in the pandemic, the number of break-ups and divorces spiked really high. If possible, your employees should have access to a family lawyer who can minimize their worries so they can focus on work.