4 Ways You Are Using Your Plantronics Corded Headsets Wrong

Plantronics Corded Headsets
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Some people don’t know how to use Plantronics Corded Headsets correctly. They may make some mistakes while using them. These mistakes may cause damages to the headset and users as well. For example, users may get ear infections or other hearing problems. Careless handling of the device may break it or cause other damages.

Following are the 4 wrong ways to use Plantronics corded headsets.

1) Don’t Consider The Cleanliness:

Cleanliness is an important matter that everyone should consider. When you are continuously using your  Plantronics corded headsets, they may become dirty. Many factors may make them dirty. They may get dust from the air, and ear wax may reach your earpads. In the beginning, dust and ear wax aren’t important. You should know that they accumulate over time and may reach the charging case of the device.

You can understand that it can cause serious damages if not properly cleaned. When you have to clean them, you may rinse them with water, and the problem is solved. You can follow this practice only for those models which are waterproof. The problem persists when you have to clean other models which aren’t waterproof. For such devices, you can find many ways to clean them from youtube. Different methods are available for cleaning different models.

2) Increased Volume:

We have seen that some people use headsets and blast their volume. Blasting volume isn’t safe for hearing. You should know that the increased volume of headsets can cause various damages to your ears. You may get noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This is a condition that arises after prolonged exposure to a high volume of sounds. This increased volume can cause the death of cells in your cochlea. These dead cells produce ringing, roaring, or buzzing sounds in your ear or the head.

This condition is called Tinnitus. It also results from prolonged exposure to a high volume of sound. People suffering from Tinnitus may develop a condition where normal environmental sounds can be noisy for them. This condition is known as Hyperacusis. When you are using your headsets with the increased volume, you may get these ear problems. You may get hearing loss or ear infections. Hence, the higher volume should be avoided.

3) Careless Handling:

We know that for keeping anything safe, we have to take care of it. Without proper care, we can’t ensure its safety. When you have purchased high-quality Corded Headsets for Phones, you should understand that they are vulnerable to various damages. Exposure to water may cause serious damages to your earpads and microphone. Its charging may be out of order due to exposure to water. Not only water but other liquids can also damage them.

Hence, you should read carefully the instructions given on their packaging boxes to keep them safe. You have to take care of keeping them safe from damages due to water or other liquids. Most headsets are made of plastic materials. They are delicate and may break after falling from a height. You have to handle them carefully and prevent them from falling. You should also protect them from mechanical damages.

4) Being Friendly With Pets:

Some people are highly friendly with their pets, such as dogs or cats. You should know that these pets aren’t wise. They can’t think or process. They don’t know how to handle different items. You may set your pets on liberty to reach anywhere in your house. They may reach your headsets and break their wires.

They may fall from your bed or table. It will break, and you will lose your costly device. These pets have sharp teeth. They may cut the wires of your headsets. Due to damaged wires, they are useless. Hence, you should take care of your device and not let your pets reach them. You should carefully keep them in protective casings of cabinets after use. It will help to keep your headsets safe from damages due to pets. You will not lose your precious devices.

Final Words:

Many careless practices can lead to various damages. We have described 4 important wrong ways of using Plantronics corded headsets. You should carefully read these ways and try to avoid them. Avoiding these wrong practices can help you avoid financial losses.