7 Post-Purchase Email Ideas That Are Effective

Post-Purchase Email
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In the realm of marketing via email, there’s nothing more effective than a post-purchase email, as their title suggests are emails that you send out after a buyer purchases.

Post-purchase emails boast some of the most open rates of any kind of marketing email. Average open rates for a typical marketing email is about 16%. However, the typical open rate for an email sent post-purchase is up to a staggering 40%!

If you are aware that clients will be more inclined to read the email after purchase Don’t waste their time and attention. Below are 7 post purchase emails ideas that you can try to generate more conversions.

Recommend similar products and services

According to the definition, emails sent after a purchase occur after a buyer makes purchases. It’s likely that the customer would be interested in purchasing your product or services which is why you should use the post-purchase emails to promote similar products. You can be sure that they’ll come back to you for more purchases.

For example, if a customer has just purchased a pair shoes from your business add a few socks as a email sent after purchasing. They might be aware that they’re in need of some more attractive socks to match their new shoes. And suddenly, you’ve earned another purchase!

Be sure that the products you offer are in line with the items that your customer has purchased. It’s not a good idea to promote an office chair that’s new to someone who purchased auto parts. It’s just not logical! If you are as similar create the products that are upsells to the customers’ interests as well as the more likely you will be to be able to sell.

Give a discount to loyal customers

In addition to advertising the same products an additional tried and tested method to make the next sale. Since everyone is able to resist a great deal!

In your post-purchase emails Include a discount code that customers can use for their next purchase. The benefit of including an offer code to an email after purchase is that it is possible to personalize the discount code.

Regular discounts that are available to all customers aren’t exclusive. They’re good, but everybody enjoys these discounts. If you add the code with a personalization just for customers who purchase afterward they will feel more connected to your business and encourages to make another purchase.

Inform customers about refills or Reorders

If your service or product is one that customers will need for replenishment after period of time and reorder, sending a refill or reminder email is an excellent option to make the sale.

If, for instance, the customer purchases soap from your business then they’ll run out of soap and have to buy another one in the next few weeks. Put a reminder in your calendar for approximately four weeks and then send the customer an email following purchase to ask for a refill.

If you’re able to make it happen your customer will have consumed the soap by that point. If they get your post-purchase emails and think, I do require more soap,” and click to buy more. Rinse and repeat!

Provide suggestions for tips and information about the product or service.

Contrary to the usual marketing emails In a different position of knowing exactly what the purchaser purchased. Make use of this knowledge to benefit your business and provide suggestions and tips for the specific item and service within your post-purchase emails.

Many companies offer tips on opening the box, put together the product, or make the most benefit from the product or service customer bought. These things help your customer feel that you are concerned about providing them with the best experience possible which results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ask for customer feedback

Feedback is a crucial element for any company. It can not only show how you can improve but it also allows you to be utilized online to draw new customers. In simple terms, the more favorable reviews you receive the better!

Post-purchase emails are an excellent opportunity to solicit clients to rate your services or products. Since you can tell for a fact that they’ve used products or services from your business that makes them uniquely qualified to write an honest review. There’s nothing worse than a bunch of review-bombers that give reviews, but don’t purchase. This will allow you to get more positive reviews which you can publish on the internet for others to read.

Incorporate user-generated content

When it comes to authenticity, nothing is that is more genuine and authentic within the field of marketing than content created by users. Since it’s not from the company itself, consumers tend to consider content that is created by users as more trustworthy than traditional marketing content. In fact 60% of users believe that user-generated content is the most authentic and effective type of content!

If a client receives an email post-purchase which contains user-generated content in support of the company’s products or services, it might encourage them to make a second purchase. In the end they’ll be able to perceive your brand in a more favorable image.

When you are adding content from users in your post-purchase emails, ensure that you have permission from the creator!

Spice up your post-purchase email designs

If you are aware that more people will open your post-purchase emails Why not make the look more appealing by incorporating appealing videos and animations. Moving those marketing messages is an excellent method to draw attentionand help your emails appear more professional.

It could seem like a challenge to integrate animations and videos within your email messages It doesn’t need to be. With Poster My Wall, the Poster My Wall Mail Marketing Platform you can look through hundreds of templates for email with a lot of them equipped with animations built in. Simply customize the next and the images, and you’ll be ready to send an eye-catching email to your clients everywhere!

Increase conversion rates by sending a the post-purchase email

Post-purchase emails boast some of the most open rates, so do not miss the chance! When a customer has made purchases, make an email follow-up that highlights similar items or services, includes the discount code that is personalized as well as tips and suggestions on the product in question that asks for feedback and also contains content created by users. If the item or service purchased will eventually run out, sending a timely mail to reorder the item is a good option to secure the next sale.

Whichever strategy you decide to employ Make sure that your email design is perfect to attract readers’ attention. Utilize professionally designed layouts, animated images and videos to attract clients and increase the likelihood of a conversion. If you’re not sure how to begin there are a myriad of email templates available online waiting to impress you. Make sure you follow up on your purchase with an outstanding post-purchase email!