Rapper King Von Dies at 26


Dayvon Bennett, better known by his stage name “King Von,” rose from difficult circumstances to become one of music’s brightest stars. Unfortunately, however, he passed away just as his full talent became appreciated worldwide.

His 2018 single, “Crazy Story”, showcased his ability to construct stories using sinister drill production as the canvas.

1. Crazy Story

Dayvon Bennett, better known by his stage name King Von, hails from Chicago’s O Block neighborhood and began rapping professionally in 2018. Within weeks of beginning his musical journey he caught Lil Durk’s and Only the Family Collective collective’s attention due to his smooth flow, charisma, and compelling drill narratives – quickly making him one of Chicago’s quickest rising stars.

“Crazy Story,” featuring a murder-inspired shootout video that earned over 20 million YouTube views, revealed Von’s life on the streets where he battled both haters and rival gang members while remaining civil in exchange.

On his 2019 debut mixtape Welcome to O’Block, Von displayed his maturing sound while still providing gripping street tales. The tape culminated with “Wayne’s Story,” one of Von’s finest storytelling songs that details an emotional rift between two street figures that ended tragically. Trap Lore Ross’ 2020 documentary King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer connects Von to multiple homicides using social media posts and lyrics as evidence against him.

2. Why He Told

King von autopsy employed his storytelling strengths across three critically-acclaimed projects. Grandson Vol. 1, Levon James, and Welcome to O’Block were each marked by innovative narratives rarely found in rap music.

Rising Chicago star King Von has quickly made his mark as one of its most captivating and engaging storytellers after only two years as an MC. “Why He Told” in 2020 visual ballad format showcases this skill perfectly as Von questions the loyalties of a former friend who turned him over to law enforcement.

Visually, in the song and visual iterations of “King Von,” an officer activates a tape recorder as King Von recalls his betrayal of her and unleashes angry yet poignant bars at once – it is easy to see why both have become immensely popular.

3. We’re Not From 63rd Street

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, better known by his stage name King Von, achieved mainstream fame within a matter of years as an emerging Chicago rapper. Lil Durk noticed his unique storytelling style and sense of realism and signed him to Only the Family/Empire distribution label in 2018. Von’s viral single “Crazy Story” gained considerable traction prior to 2021 debut mixtape Welcome to O’Block catapulting him further up the ranks.

Project Knauss featured 21 Savage’s chart-topping track “Don’t Play That”, which went on to stream over eight million times and become his highest charting track. Both critically and commercially successful.

The estate of King Von has released the video for “Too Real,” the lead single from his upcoming posthumous album What It Means to Be King. Directed by DrewFilmedIt, this grim visual serves as a grim reminder of the tragic incident that ended his life.

4. The Story of My Life

At a time of nationwide drill hysteria, King Von stood out as one of Chicago’s most promising emerging rappers. Lil Durk took notice and signed him to his Only the Family record label and helped release his viral 2018 single “Crazy Story.” Both the song and video garnered millions of views online putting King Von in the limelight.

Von’s style stood apart from that of other Chicago artists who had adopted the drill sound (think Chief Keef and G Herbo), as his dark, disturbing lyrics mixed well with moody piano beats to give his music its signature haunted quality – setting him apart from other artists on the scene.

King Von released his debut mixtape Grandson Vol 1 featuring Lil Durk and Booka600 as part of a precursor project leading up to his studio album Welcome to O’Block which came out later that same year in October 2020.

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