Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times


Parallel worlds are alternate realities characterized by their own laws of physics and parameters, including time, space and probability. Although often associated with another dimension or time line or era, parallel worlds can also refer to alternate realities which do not comply with standard time and space conventions.

An unlikely hero emerges after being summoned into another universe and must learn how to adapt to and navigate this unfamiliar environment. He must adapt quickly if he wishes to overcome its tribulations and be successful.


Sora awakens in a new world where he must examine what, or who, truly motivates him. He must use all his strength and passion in order to return home.

Sora and Shiro are students taking NEET exams and living alone with anxiety disorders; online, they go by the name Blank; an unbeaten team of genius gamers. When they challenge an anonymous player in a game of chess and win, they receive an invitation to live in a parallel world ruled by games.

Sora and Shiro are chosen as representatives for Imanity, an island nation composed of humans. They challenge Chlammy Zell to a game of chess where they convince her pieces to defect from her side, exposing Chlammy’s oppressive rule. Sora then convinces Jibril that Imanity is stronger than she believes while winning materialization word chain and dismantling planet Earth by extracting outer core, lithosphere, oxygen gas as they remove materialization word chains–while nullifying Coulomb’s law in the process.


Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1 represents Isekai literature with an engaging story of a protagonist discovering extraordinary powers in another dimension. With well-crafted characters and an exciting plotline that keeps readers hooked throughout its entirety.

Sora is a high school student who finds herself drawn into another parallel world on an almost constant basis. She must learn to adapt to this strange new environment while facing her fears, while becoming an even better friend as she interacts with those from her original world.

Parallel universes play an integral part of this isekai anime’s storytelling, taking place in an alternative medieval Europe where war is waged using insectoid mecha armor called Aura Battlers to defend Shion’s home kingdom against Dark Knight Rabaan from another parallel world. Additionally, other Aura Battler pilots from different parallel worlds come into the story too!


Kairi was born into an alternative world and cannot remember where she came from. Although strong, determined, and often reckless in nature.

Gray relies on her to ward off Black Dogs at his mansion, even taking one hit for him when he frees Rhongomyniad from restraining chains. Furthermore, she encourages Gray to remain by El-Melloi’s side even though he worries about their obsession with past memories.

Riku is Kairi’s older brother who was raised in a parallel world but left it when he was young. A powerful sorcerer, he is extremely protective over her as well as worried that Kairi might still be trapped there and is trying to find ways to bring her home.

Keiki Kiryuu

Keiki Kiryuu is a high school student who finds herself drawn into another dimension for unknown reasons. Determined to change things for the better and make an impactful statement about humanity’s condition on Earth, Keiki seeks out this alternate reality and sets off on her mission of making change happen in it.

Sayuki is assisted by Sayuki, Aqua and Kairi who all come from different backgrounds but share similar experiences: Aqua is kind and caring while Kairi was born into this parallel world and never left it.

Sayuki, as President of the Calligraphy Club, engages in an unhealthy masochistic fetish and blackmails Keiki with hidden cameras. Nanjou also enjoys tease Keiki by showing him her breasts or forcing him to consume panties; Keiki finds Nanjou irresistibly attractive; they become close while she attempts to win his heart only for Nina to show up and steal it away!