The Battle Of The Hosting Companies: Bluehost Vs Justhost

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You’re trying to choose between Bluehost or JustHost? Both companies offer several hosting plans with various price levels, and it can be difficult to pick the one that best suits your requirements. To assist you in making the right choice We’ve made an unbiased comparison of Bluehost and. JustHost, looking at crucial factors such as pricing and features, customer support and other aspects. Find out which one is out in the top.


One of the main aspects to take into consideration when selecting the right hosting provider is price. Fortunately each of Bluehost as well as JustHost offer low-cost plans. Yet, JustHost takes the edge in terms of pricing because of its extensive selection of pricing and discounts. For instance, Bluehost’s lowest priced shared hosting plan begins at $14.95 per month. the cheapest shared hosting plan from JustHost begins with $6.95 monthly. If you’re looking to get the most value for dollars, JustHost is the way to take.


Each Bluehost along with JustHost offer the same range of features in each of their plans for hosting. The difference is that JustHost has the upper hand in terms of features due to its unlimited bandwidth and storage, which is something isn’t available in all Bluehost plan. Additionally to that, all JustHost plans include a drag-and-drop website builder for free and a domain name for free during the initial year. However, neither of these features are included in each Bluehost plan. If you’re looking for an hosting provider that offers greater bang for your budget in regards to features JustHost is an ideal choice to choose.

Customer Support:

The two companies Bluehost along with JustHost offer the ability to provide 24/7 client service via live chat and telephone However Only Bluehost offers 24/7 support for customers via email, too. Additionally, customers have consistently rated higher for Bluehost’s customer service over the JustHost customer service in independent polls. Therefore, if customer service is important to you it’s worth selecting Bluehost instead of JustHost.

1. Do Your Research

First step in selecting a host is to conduct a thorough search. There are numerous hosting providers out there and it’s crucial to choose one that will fulfill your requirements. When researching make sure you review the reviews of other clients to get a sense about what the experience been similar to.

2. Decide What Type Of Hosting You Need

There are various kinds of hosting and it’s essential to select the type that is right for your needs. Sharing hosting is the most popular kind, and is perfect for smaller websites or blogs. If you own a larger website, or one that has lots of visitors then you may need to think about dedicated or VPS hosting.

3. Consider Your Budget

Hosting can vary in price between only a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars per month, which is why it’s crucial to think about your budget when making a choice. If you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking for shared hosting, it is most likely the best choice. If you have a bigger budget, you may want to look into dedicated hosting or a VPS.

4. Look For Discounts And Coupons

A lot of hosting companies offer discounts and coupons, so make sure to search for these when making your choice. It is common to can typically find discounts for things such as making a commitment for a year in advance, or paying for several months in one go.

5. Read The Fine Print

Before signing to any hosting service ensure that you have go over the small print. You should be aware of things such as their policy on refunds, uptime guarantees and the conditions of service before making any commitment.


When you consider all the relevant factors in the analysis, it’s obvious it’s clear that Bluehost is the top hosting service overall. But, it’s important not to forget in the mind that all companies offer various plans at various price ranges. So, make sure you examine the plans offered by each prior to making a final choice. No matter which company you select for your hosting needs, you can be sure that you’ll receive top-quality hosting services at an affordable price at a reasonable price.