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Aluminium balustrades are a cost-effective, durable, and individual choice for construction projects. They are essential for enhancing bridges, decking, terraces, balconies, and staircases. They offer practicality and safety without compromising budget and aesthetics.

Aluminium balustrades are the missing element in a winning construction formula.

80% Faster On-Site Installation

Aluminum balustrades are lightweight, modular, and preassembled for quick assembly on-site. With a protective passivation layer, modifications and repairs can be completed faster. 

These preassembled balustrades require little to no experience and no qualified welders or carpenters.


Recycled aluminium is a staple in the building sector because of the increased use of aluminium beverage cans. This made recycling aluminium a vital duty.

Aluminium is very malleable and simple to reuse and repurpose because of its low melting and boiling points.

Melting “scrap” aluminium during recycling uses only 5% of the energy required to create the original product. Today’s aluminium usage accounts for around 75% of the total aluminium production.

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium is one of the most plentiful materials in the world and is infinitely recyclable without sacrificing quality. This makes it both incredibly economical and environmentally benign. 

Thus, if you want to contribute to the environment, aluminium is the way to go.

Corrosion Resistance

The Corrosion Resistance of aluminium balustrades is another benefit. This implies that they won’t rust or corrode even in the most severe weather. 

Hence, your balustrades will look great whether you live in a hot, humid region or a cold, snowy one!

Strength, Flexibility & Elegance

Aluminium has a superior strength-to-weight ratio, making it an excellent choice for fences and railings. It is approximately one-third the weight of steel and nearly three times lighter than iron.

Its flexibility, when combined with other metalworking techniques such as rolling, extrusion, casting, and forging, results in a pliable material that is easy to shape and mould.

The second most pliable material is aluminium, which has limitless application possibilities. Because of its inherent flexibility, producers can express their creativity in the design and finish of their aluminium balustrades. 

Aluminium fences are more durable and aesthetically pleasing than their competitors.

Aluminium Doesn’t Burn

Yes, that is accurate what you read. Aluminium doesn’t burn. Aluminium is a non-flammable building material, although it will only melt at temperatures between 600 and 650°C. It is a safer option for all parties concerned because it doesn’t even generate toxic gases when heated. 

Even better, due to its thermal efficiency, unpainted aluminium can minimize heat transmission by up to 9.50°C. 

It means that less heat will bounce around throughout the summer when you’re sitting outside on your patio.

Ending Note 

Aluminium balustrades are popular due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness. Bear Metals, an award-winning manufacturer of steel and aluminium balustrades can provide a reliable supply.

A reputable supplier and installation are essential to install stainless steel handrails on your residential or commercial property. 

Bear Metals is an award-winning producer of canopies and balustrading made of aluminium and steel. 

Our crew can effortlessly supply, deliver, and install the barriers anywhere you want them.