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Ways To Get Your Website Verified By Google

Before you can add your site, check its metrics, or submit a sitemap, Google requires you to verify your site’s ownership. Google Site Verification is primarily about confirming your ownership of the site.

As a result, before managing your sites through Google tools, you must complete the Google Search Console certification process.

Fortunately, the process is fairly simple, and there are several ways to verify your website using Google Search Console. To get the best design and development service for your website, you may visit YourDigiLab UK. This article will cover the different Google site verification methods.

Best Ways To Verify Your Website

Here are some ways to verify your website by Google

1.      Take advantage of the HTML Meta tag

The HTML Meta tag is a simple solution. All you have to do is paste this code into Section > Header of your website.

After loading this code, go back to Google Search Console and click Verify. After downloading the HTML file, go to the root directory of your site and submit the documents there.

2.      Take advantage of Google Analytics

This is another simple way to check a website in Google Search Console. If you are currently using Google Analytics, you can skip this step.

That’s all in this strategy! If you used a plugin to add Google Analytics to WordPress, the tracking code should be on your homepage. This means that you are free to use this strategy. Google Search Console will then seek all Google Analytics accounts associated with the email address you used to sign in.

As long as your email address has been validated using Google Analytics, Search Console will also show you the ownership status of your Search Console site.

3.      Take advantage of the Domain Name System (DNS) to verify TXT records

A TXT record is a type of resource stored in the Domain Name System (DNS) that tells other servers what your domain is, how to configure it, and what other services to use. Google uses this to determine who owns the website.

How to locate your TXT record?

At this point, choose Domain Name Provider from the alternative methods option. Your resource may already be listed in the dropdown list. Don’t worry if you don’t see your provider’s name. Just select “Other”.

In the next section, you’ll see a TXT record for the confirmation you’ll need. Next, you will need to log into your site host service in a new window to add your TXT file. Your supplier may give you specific advice on how to do this. The page where you can locate the TXT record can be called “DNS Administration,” “Name Server Administration,” “Control Panel,” or “Advanced Settings.”

Once you take care of him, the rest is easy. Return to your search engine and complete the procedure by clicking “Verify”.

4.      Take advantage of Google Tag Manager

If you use Google Tag Management, your site can be easily verified, just like Google Analytics. Go back to the Different Methods tab and choose Google Tag Manager before clicking Verify.

5.      Take advantage of HTML files

This is a simple choice, but not the simplest. All you have to do is copy and paste some code into your root directory.

6.      Download verification file

On the Google Search Console Recommended Method page, you can get an HTML validation file. To finish the process, download this file to your computer, upload it to the root of your website, and then click Verify!

What approach should you take?

It only takes a few seconds to add a site to Google Search Console. However, it can be helpful to prove that you own the website, which can vary in complexity depending on the technology you choose. You already have some Chrome code on your site if you’re using Google Analytics or Tag Manager.

Google should recognize this code and validate your website without you having to do anything else. You can also include an HTML file, tag, or use DNS confirmation (ideal if you don’t want to add more software to your website).


Huge congratulations! You now have everything you need to start checking out a Google site. Just keep in mind that Google will check your site’s authentication frequently. Whatever method you choose, you must keep it in place; you will not be able to delete it after confirmation.We strongly recommend that you connect your website to Google Search Console to fully benefit from all of the insights.

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