The best designs of gift boxes for 11-11 sale

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Gift boxes offer a safe way to protect the gift items, no matter how delicate they may be. They have a higher compressive and tensile strength, and the credit goes to their cardboard-made design. The flexibility they propose is enormous, and you can personalize them entirely in an anticipated manner. Utilizing some HD printing methods and CMYK and PMS color models can enable you to craft them in a compelling design. You can pick any style or customize them according to a unique idea. The boxes have a brilliant texture that smoothly supports the printing of any graphic, color scheme, or illustration. You can even have a go at printing brandish elements such as emblems and taglines to utilize these boxes as marketing gimmicks. Numerous coatings like semi-gloss AQ, spot UV, spot gloss, and gloss UV can add tactile features to the packages. 

11-11 sale is the biggest one-day sale where exclusive discounts are offered on numerous products. Since many people tend to purchase on this special day to avail discounts, capturing their attention towards the development is essential. The gift boxes could prove a great choice here, especially if you design them exceptionally well. Go on to read this article that covers the exclusive packaging designs list to make your products fly off the shelves on the biggest sale. 


Even if you offer an exclusive price cut for your products on the big sale day, information provision is indispensable. The clients will need a little help to perfectly understand what the particular gift items are all about. First, give some basic details of the presents on the exterior of your custom gift boxes. Then, incorporate some easy-to-understand patterns, colors, and fonts to detail down the gift items. This will make the packaging design look less busy, loved by the people, and guarantee you to win more sales. 

Textured design:

The touch feeling of the people is essential because it always evokes a certain emotion. For instance, touching the leaves of a tree gives a serene feeling. Likewise, a touch on the old parchment paper gives a nostalgic appeal. So, revive the touch sensation of clients to increase the emotional appeal of gift items with your packaging design. Keep in your mind that the design needs to vary according to the target market. If the client base you are targeting is more towards luxury, embossed visuals and glossy coats are the best. These little touches tend to create premium vibes that enhance the appeal and value of your products. 

Transparent window packaging:

Many customers are willing to buy newly launched gift products on 11-11 sales if they are displayed amazingly. Present your products creatively in personalized gift boxes having cutout windows. You can make cutouts on the front, top, or any other side of these boxes, depending on the angle the clients will be viewing. By providing a sight or preview of the packaged items, this transparent packaging design helps make informed decisions. 

Modern bold illustrations:

Another best design for gift boxes in UK is the one having bold and modern illustrations. Minimalism is a good design concept as well, but it has become a thing of the past now. Illustrations on the boxes offer you the best way to bring out more product appeal and make a statement in the market. They are so engaging that they drive the maximum customer interactions with your product, making it a hot-selling item in the market


The modern generation of customers is consumed by technology. So, some tech-integrated packaging designs work best to build a more notable consumer-brand experience. These designs are incorporated with NFC labels and QR codes to make the buyers’ information access an easy process. Modern AIs are a specialty of these designs that help shoppers assess if the product has been tampered with. They act as huge confidence boosters for customers while buying from you, and your bottom line gets improved. 

When deciding on the design of gift boxes for the most significant sale of the year, i.e., 11-11, consider both the physical and virtual shelves. Some AI applications to the design or keeping it detailed can help you create more sale-boosting boxes. The designs enriching the senses are also useful to draw more attention to your products. For ensuring that they appear light on your pocket, buying gift boxes wholesale supplies is always wise.